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Stoughton, WI 53589
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The Stoughton Area Resource Team, Inc. (START) provides a safety net for those in crisis. Recently, a 30-year old single father of two struggled to find work, to pay for daycare for his children and to secure a home; so much time was spent homeless and hopeless.

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Stoughton Personal Essentials Pantry

343 E. Main St.
Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 6082797613
Contact Name: Pam Schuh
PEP Board member
Organization Profile
Grants Info
A Planned Open House & Replensihment of PEP Supplies - 2015 Amount Funded: $3,000.00
The purpose of holding a planned Open House is to bring awareness to the public about the services and operation of PEP-Stoughton. We feel it is important to make our organization well known and visible as necessities to the community exist with the goal of increased stabilization & quality of living for individuals & families. As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations & grants to aid PEP-Stoughton with products that are available on a more reliable basis. This enables people to better plan their budget & expenditures more wisely.
We would like to request funds to hold a planned Open House at our new PEP-Stoughton location, 343 E. Main, Stoughton. Additionally, we have expanded our operational hours to be open on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. - noon to accommodate those that work during the week. For the Open House, we would hold a "mock demonstration" of how PEP operates, have pamphlets and other PEP literature available to the public, and answer any questions. Another component of the project is to request funds to help cover the PEP expenses for personal essential products that we distribute to the public. Our expenses for the products cost $575 per month.

Supplies and Operation Request 2018-2019 - 2018 Amount Funded: $4,000.00
The requested funds would help PEP meet the supply and demand for customers to use as a viable resource for the community. In addition to ensure everyone meeting the availability of the needed items, no one can "over-use the system." To help with product availability and utilization, all PEPartnership agencies in the Dane County area use the PEPbase software to record the information for products used and date of disbursement by PEP customers. Additonally, PEP seeks to advance in collaborating with additional resources in the Stoughton community to help make a positive impact for those served.
June, 2015, the Stoughton Personal Essentials Pantry moved from the 100 block of Main Street, Stoughton, to its present site at 343 E. Main Street, Stoughton, sharing and renting jointly an office site with Dane County Department of Human Services/Joining Forces for Families. Because of the location of the present PEP site, more visibility and foot traffic grew for the public to know and to access the facility. As a result, PEP has increased the customers using the facility - we can now serve up to 30 households per time of disbursement; averaging 4-6 new households each time. In turn, more supplies are needed to help people in need with such items as: diapers, toilet paper, laundry and dish washing detergent, bar soap, deodorant, dental items, shampoo, household cleaner, and feminine hygiene products. Added to maintaining adequate supplies were additional operating expenses of rent and insurance. During the past year, PEP volunteers have been able to collaborate with the principals and social workers of the Stoughton area schools in an attempt to help students and families who are homeless and/or lack the financial means to purchase their own personal essential products. A bin of these items is now available at all 5 Stoughton schools to aid in helping the students in need obtain these products on an as-needed basis who may lack the availability to obtain them in their home environment. During the recent summer months, PEP provided these items (bagged motel sample sizes) to be added to the disbursement of Viking Lunches for those families and students in need to obtain at the three designated Viking Lunch community sites. Modeled from an offer of service from Stoughton Food Pantry, in the future, volunteers from PEP would like to offer PEP households a $10 voucher every 30 days to be used at Stoughton Pick N Save to receive personal hygiene products that they could select that they otherwise might not be able to obtain at PEP, i.e. "allergy free products."

A Request of Funds for Supplies/Operating Expenses - 2016 Amount Funded: $3,500.00
The requested funds would help PEP meet the needs of the customers each month through the purchase of supplies they might need and also cover the costs of the on site expenses. It would also enable other resources in Stoughton to rely on PEP, as a resource to help those in need, and to feel confident that people would get the help needed after referrals are made to PEP. We currently get referrals from Dane Co. Human Service, schools, police, food pantries, START, churches, the Senior Center, the library, and word of mouth.
A little over 1 year ago, PEP moved to a more visible, downtown site where over the last year, we have seen an increase in our customers utilizing our services. The move to our current site has incurred more operating expenses (rent & insurance). An increase of customers (25-30 customers each time PEP is open) has created a need to purchase more products each month for our customers. We are seeing more "new" customers use the pantry, perhaps as a result of increased marketing about PEP by canvassing the community about the resource and from a recent open house at our newer location.